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RadioIn is an advanced radio application for connected cars, integrated in the car multimedia system. It provides a high-end experience of listening to radio channels, podcasts and custom music channels.  

Figure8 is a kids carpool management app. In one app, you can arrange carpools with parents you trust, keep track of your little ones’ activities, get reminders on their schedules, stay in touch with other parents, and more

JPU product suite offers a comprehensive solution for enterprises and mobile operators looking to win the Cellular loT Market .

WLTH is a global, user-driven health data marketplace and health goal A.I. Engine. is an ad optimization platform that maximizes the revenue of each developer impression by running a real time auction.

A financial fantasy gaming platform featuring peer-to-peer, simulated investing contests which are based on Blockchain.

BringBring is an online supermarket chain that offers fast delivery to your house. Titanium has developed both IOS and Android apps for this product.

ODI develops and markets advanced anti-malware tools based on Content Disarm and Reconstruct (CDR) technology for preventive cyber-security in enterprises of all sizes.

Voice communication platform that enables calling from within an application using 2CB’s patent solution. Titanium developed the SDKs for IOS and Android to use the platform and create peer to peer calls.

Tweexit provides a collaborative platform allowing service providers to Join forces with other trusted support teams to assure quick response 24/7 Turn unused resources into income and expend their value proposition.

Liniad specializes in high-end mobile and social gamer acquisition. Using Qualiad, our proprietary technology, we identify, target and deliver the most engaged gamers for your game.

Shimeba combines cutting edge location technologies with a simple yet powerful user interface to provide the best indoor navigation. IOS and Android apps were developed by Titanium team.